Thursday, October 16, 2008


Imogen's photos didn't turn out as good as Elizabeths did because she was grumpy most of the time. But she is such a patient baby to let her mom take a trillion pictures of her!


Ammo and Josh said...

Beautiful! She must get her good looks from her aunt Ammo.

Diana and James said...

Very cute pic's. I wish we could do pictures sooner than december with you. Oh well. Are you willing to schedual a date when you are here for Christmas? That would be great, we need a family picture. Plus georgia will be 3 mos then, and so much more active for the picture. My hubby James works Dec. 20, 22, and 24th. So anyday accept those days while you are back should work for us. Give me a call if you want to plan it. Thanks. I can't wait!!! Diana