Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Zoo Themed Birthday Party!

Imogen was invited to the coolest zoo themed birthday party ever, and thrown by the raddest mom ever! She made EVERYTHING for the party! I seriously want to copy everything she does!


Let the Games Begin!

Here they are pretending they are giraffes and eating leaves off of a branch.

Pin the tail on the rhino!

Kangaroo hop!

All the kids brought their favorite zoo animal for the petting zoo.

The Cake!

Zoo Cupcakes!

Other Treats!

The Favors!


Patti said...

Thank you Shannon! You got some great pictures! I'm so glad you were here and took over the photography for us!!!

Ella said...

Hi Shannon. I'm a friend of Laura's and I was wondering if I could post one of these pics of my little girl on my blog if I include a link to this post of yours. Would you mind?

Trevor and Shannon said...


No I don't mind at all! I have more pictures of all of the kids at the party. I am giving Laura a disc, so she could distribute them out.